Rice Launch is a student-led organization with the goal of connecting, energizing, and enabling Rice students to initiate and pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures. Rooted in the values of awareness, education, and collaboration within the startup community, Rice Launch is a platform and a central resource for students to turn unconventional wisdom into successful startups.

Rice Launch hosts a series of events each year designed to educate Rice students about Entrepreneurship.

3 Day Startup: Take a technology hackathon, infuse it with business development, and that’s what the 3DS is about. Start up a company in 3 days. Rather than just talk about startups, or sit on the next billion dollar idea, execute and make it a reality.

Entrepreneurship Summit: The summit is a place where Rice students are introduced to the bold world of startups and provided the starter kit to understand what being an entrepreneur is all about. Come learn what it takes for you to reach the top, and build the networks that can bring you there.

Owl Open: The Owl Open is one of Rice’s flagship startup competitions. A university-wide business plan competition, winning teams will receive cash prizes and an opportunity to be a part of the OwlSpark startup accelerator.

Meet our Leadership team:


Will Rice ELEC ℅ 2017- He’s excited about chocolate milk, America, and setting Rice Launch up as a leader in the Houston startup community.


Sid Rich BME ℅ 2017- If his biceps are anything to go by, he’s as passionate about working out as he is about making sure Rice Launch runs smoothly.

Ben T

Wiess Math Econ ℅ 2017- He’s perfected his signature pose of pointing at the camera, or is he pointing at a new milestone for Rice Launch?

Ben H-M

Will Rice Mech E ℅ 2018- With all the passion of a phoenix itself, he makes sure Rice Launch reaches everyone on campus.


Will Rice CS ℅ 2018- Armed with naught but his mind and wit, he’s the wizard behind Rice Launch.

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